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Playstation (PSX)
by 989 Studios
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Developed by Eidetic, Inc. Released 1999 Also For Android, PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita Published by 989 Studios ESRB Rating Teen Narrative Spy / Espionage Genre Action Gameplay Shooter Perspective 1st-person, Behind view Description Gabriel Logan, one of the government's top covert agents, must neutralize the terrorists that threaten Washington D.C. and destroy a biological weapon that has been built to end the lives of millions of innocent people. Syphon Filter is an action game played from...
Topics: 1 player games, Adventure, ESRB rating T, Shooting
Playstation (PSX)
by Konami of America
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Developed by Team Silent Released Jan 31, 1999 Also For PlayStation 3, PSP, PS Vita Published by Konami (America), Inc. ESRB Rating Mature Genre Action, Adventure Setting Contemporary, North America Visual Cinematic camera Misc Regional Differences Gameplay Puzzle elements, Survival Horror Perspective 3rd-person (Other), Behind view Narrative Horror Description Harry Mason, an average man, is driving to the town of Silent Hill with his daughter. Upon approaching the town, a cop speeds by on a...
Topics: 1 player games, Adventure, Detective / Mystery, ESRB rating M, Horror, Survival Horror